Technical Help Desk

24 Hour Help Desk

Source operate a 24/7/365 manned help desk based in their Cardiff office that is operated by semi-skilled technical staff that can deal with basic FM requests or full technical support online for a variety of building facilities.

Technical Diagnosis & Remote Repair

Utilising technology Source have been a pioneer of developing on-line diagnosis and repair to buildings facilities providing an efficient and economic first point of call for various faults and failures. The communications technology is readily available that allows remote monitoring of facilities for example; refrigeration systems, HVAC systems, BEMS, Energy Systems & Lighting Controls.

The help desk provide a diagnostics that allows a significant percentage of faults to be remotely repaired/changed, preventing needless visits from Mobile Technicians, dramatically reducing downtime of the facility and reducing the carbon footprint of the FM company, building and the end user.

This is the future of Facilities Management and can radically improve FM services.

Technical Prognosis

If the technical help desk cannot remotely repair at worst it can diagnose and provide the prognosis to Mobile Technicians with information regarding failures and possibly parts required to assist in improving first time fix of the facilities. This again decreases downtime of the facility and prevents possible secondary calls for replacement parts, therefore decreasing carbon footprints and increasing efficiencies.

Technical Support

With technology and hardware forever developing it is difficult for mobile engineers to keep up with changes, the Source help desk provides technical support to Mobile Technicians assisting them in prognosis and potential repairs. This support facility works in conjunction with the technical diagnosis and remote fix, technical prognosis and the Mobile Technicians to provide a responsive and efficient solution.

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